Barcelona,the city of Peace

On the 17 August 2017, twin attacks took place in Barcelona and Cambrils, killing 16 people and leaving more than a hundred injured. In the minute of silence convened the following day and in the subsequent demonstration, the victims were remembered and gratitude was shown for the rapid response of the emergency and security services, healthcare teams, social services and other public workers, as well as all of the people who took care of them, such as taxi drivers, shopkeepers and residents. Displays of solidarity and condolence were visible everywhere, especially on La Rambla, where the public placed various commemorative items and where the spread of messages calling for peace began. The 26 August saw 500,000 people fill the streets of Barcelona chanting “No tinc por” (I am not afraid): the outcry, arising from the conviction of a loving and welcoming city.

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